28 Aug (Mon) – Leibniz-Institut IWT

Leibniz-Institut für Werkstofforientierte Technologien (IWT)

Institute visite and guided tour, IF-IS INS 06

Monday, August 28th, 2023
Time: 4:45 p.m
Location: Will be announced in the conference office.
Language: If participants who are English-speaking, but not German-speaking, are present, the guided tour will be in English.

Materials, Methods & Processes at the Leibniz-IWT
From the smallest powders to the largest components: The scientific issues of the institute range from material production, to additive manufacturing, to the analysis of the final machined components, for example, high-precision gears.
We will show you what demands are made on metallic materials today – and how these can be implemented. You will get to know the IWT experts directly at their workplaces: on powder towers, at a 3D printer or in front of innovative manufacturing systems.


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