The registration as participant is possible via a common web-based registration system of the Informatica Feminale and the Ingenieurinnen-Sommeruni.

The attendance of courses requires prior registration. You may attend several courses, but you will have to register for each course bindingly beforehand. In order to register, please select the courses which you’d like to attend from our website.

Places will be assigned according to time of registration. First come, first served!

Your course registration will be confirmed via e-mail from the University of Bremen after completion of your registration process. Further information regarding the program procedure will be e-mailed as well. The lecturers will contact their students beforehand with materials necessary for preliminary course requirements.

Participants may select additional courses. As soon as a course is fully booked it will appear as blocked in the online registration system.

Liability Disclaimer
The organizers assume no liability for any damage to persons or to property, which is caused by participants or their children.



Our lecturers are international, multi-lingual, highly motivated …

  • professors who are looking for motivated students to experiment with new concepts of teaching
  • researchers who prepare independent courses and like to teach in a pleasant atmosphere
  • practitioners who like to share their work experiences
  • researchers and practitioners from different fields who deal interdisciplinarily with engineering
  • students who offer subject-specific discussions of experience
  • experts offering orientation for students being in the course of their studies or preparing for the transition to working life

Most of our lecturers hold teaching assignments from the University of Bremen.



All who identify as women are welcome. We cordially invite women students of all disciplines, all terms and grades, of all types of colleges or universities as well as all women interested in engineering and women professionals from all over the world!

In an environment that provokes learning at University of Bremen, you can work with commitment, get suggestions for your studies and accumulate current knowledge. You will experience professional studies and establish networks with women having manifold backgrounds.


Participation Fee

Participation in online courses of the 25th international Informatica Feminale and the 14th international Ingenieurinnen-Sommeruni is free of charge.

Physically in Bremen: Students and unemployed are charged a one-time fee of 40 Euro for a participation of two weeks – regardless for which of the two summer universities Informatica Feminale or Ingenieurinnen-Sommeruni. The participation fee can be waived for those who support the conference office for approximately 4 hours. We offer travel scholarships. Employed women pay a fee of 40 Euro a day.

In 2022: Missing Fee
If a participant registered for a course and doesn´t show up and didn´t cancel her participation at least 14 days in advance, she will be charged a fee of 40 Euro per course. The cancellation must be sent to the organizers of the summer university by email to



Many of the courses correspond to regular semester courses (esp. concerning duration and requirements) and are accredited by the deans of studies at Bremen University. Therefore certificates and credit points can be gained.

For all courses of the Ingenieurinnen-Sommeruni the Departments of Engineering issue confirmations of participation. For all courses of the Informatica Feminale the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (Informatics) issues confirmations of participation.
There are several courses with the possibility to attain performance records or to obtain credit points in line with the European Credit Transfer System. The requirements for obtaining Credit Points will be determined by the lecturers and communicated to the course’s participants in advance. Some courses are very similar to regular semester courses; those that are accredited by the University of Bremen are marked in the program. Participants will have to apply for recognition of their achievements at their home universities themselves. On request individual confirmations can be issued, especially for educational leave of women from industry. More about “Bildungsurlaub” is explained in German on our web page Bildungsurlaub.

Hint for students of Bremen University
The University of Bremen will recognize all courses of the summer universities Informatica Feminale und Ingenieurinnen-Sommeruni as “General studies”. Additionally some of the courses are regular study part within the programs of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science – especially for Digital Media or Informatik Bachelor and Master. Others are regular study part within the programs of the Department of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering (Produktionstechnik) or within the programs of Department of Physics and Electrical Engineering. The courses are accepted for the summer semester 2022 or alternatively for the winter semester 2022/23. The amount of credit points will be explained in each course description on this website.

For any questions please contact us via email or at our office:
University of Bremen, Sommerunis
Kompetenzzentrum Frauen in Naturwissenschaft und Technik
Building MZH Ebene 1
Veronika Oechtering (MZH 1120) and Henrike Illig(MZH 1130)



If you wish to cancel your registration or registration for one of the courses, please contact us via e-mail, so that we can assign the places to other students. Please show your solidarity to other students and inform us in time, as many courses are highly requested.

In 2022: Missing Fee
If a participant registered for a course and doesn’t show up and didn’t cancel her participation in advance, she will be charged a fee of 40 Euro per course. The cancelation must be send to the organizers of the summer university by email to


Language Requirements

A variety of courses and seminars will be taught in English or in German or both English and German combined in such a way that all course information and material will be accessible to speakers of German and English. Some lecturers offer support in further languages during their course.

We require English or German language skills on such a level that participants are able to communicate and express themselves, understand complex and professional topics, and are able to fulfil assigned tasks in either English or German, depending on the course language. When registering for a course, please take notice of the language it is offered in.