The 14th Ingenieurinnen-Sommeruni – international summer university for women students and professionals in engineering and technology will be organized by University of Bremen in Germany – from 25th July to 5th August online and from 1st to 14th September 2022 on place in Bremen.

We cordially invite women students of all disciplines, levels and different types of institutions of higher education as well as all women interested in engineering and engineering professionals from all over the world! Teaching languages will be English and German.

Courses will be published here in May.
Registration will be possible on this website.

There will be no participation fees for online courses in 2022.
For courses on place in Bremen there will be a participation fee.

For human resources managers we are particullarly pointing out that, during the whole summer school there will be plenty of opportunities to sponsor and to get in touch with graduates.

For more information, see the Ingenieurinnen-Sommeruni-FAQ2022-en.pdf.
We are looking forward to meet keen and ambitious participants!


Courses and Registration

The University of Bremen offers the 14th Ingenieurinnen-Sommeruni – the international Summer University for women in engineering – from 25th July to 5th August as online courses and from 1st to 14th September 2022 on place in Bremen.

The courses will be published here in May.
Registration will be possible on this website.


Social Events

Further on, you are invited to join several lectures and discussions at the summer university during September in Bremen.
Save the Date:
On Thursday, 8th September 2022 we will celebrate the 25th Informatica Feminale at Haus der Wissenschaft in Bremen.
Further Inforamtion will be published here in May.

Wishes and Proposals

Dear participants, lecturers and interested parties of the summer universities,

The team of the international summer universities in Bremen is kindly asking for your support and feedback: We are looking for new exciting topics, lecturers, technical contents and discourses for the future summer universities and for the enlargement of our network. Which lecturers, speakers of activists did you always want to experience in a course at the summer universities? Which topics are you interested in that should find space at the summer universities in form of teaching, discussion, workshop (…)? Together, we want to continue staging exceptional, diverse and interesting summer universities that reflect technical discourses and innovations and that discusses recent topics. We are looking forward to your impulses!


The registration as participant is possible via a common web-based registration system of the Informatica Feminale and the Ingenieurinnen-Sommeruni.

The attendance of courses requires prior registration. You may attend several courses, but you will have to register for each course bindingly beforehand. In order to register, please select the courses which you’d like to attend from our website.

Places will be assigned according to time of registration. First come, first served!

Your course registration will be confirmed via e-mail from the University of Bremen after completion of your registration process. Further information regarding the program procedure will be e-mailed as well. The lecturers will contact their students beforehand with materials necessary for preliminary course requirements.

Participants may select additional courses. As soon as a course is fully booked it will appear as blocked in the online registration system.

Liability Disclaimer
The organizers assume no liability for any damage to persons or to property, which is caused by participants or their children.