25 Years Informatica Feminale. Women’s Spaces in Computer Science – Experiences and Perspectives

Conference September 8th 2022

In honor of 25 years of Informatica Feminale, the Competence Center Women in Science and Technology of University of Bremen presents the conference „Women’s Spaces in Computer Science – Experiences and Perspectives“ on September 8th 2022. The conference is a part of the international summer university Informatica Feminale (09.01.-09.14.2022; www.informatica-feminale.de).

Gender-political reforms in informatics have not lost their relevance. Monoeducative teaching and learning spaces like the summer university for women* are a part of enhancing gender equality in informatics. The Informatica Feminale focuses on educational structure and specialist cultures. It is a place for experimentation, for new impulses in studying informatics. Due to that, the Informatica Feminale developed into a summer university with an enormous reach, potency, and scope. In 25 years, an extensive network and multi-generational community have formed. Because of the continuous, strong orientation on specialization, the summer university’s resonance is still going strong.

The Informatica Feminale has become a beacon of gender-political reforms for gender in STEM.  The conference „Women’s Spaces in Computer Science – Experiences and Perspectives“ aims focus attention: Beginning with a review on 25 years of Informatica Feminale, we continue to the current situation of informatics in German universities, towards a preview of needed gender-political reforms.

The conference takes place on the 8th of September 2022 from 11 am until 4 pm in House of Science in Bremen. We are looking forward to presenting the following:

  • Greetings by
    – Senator Claudia Schilling, senator of science and harbors of Freie Hansestadt Bremen,
    – Bettina Wilhelm, state representative of women of Freie Hansestadt Bremen, and
    – President Jutta Günther, University of Bremen
  • Presentations by
    – Professor Juliane Siegeris, University of Applied Sciences Berlin, and
    – Private lecturer Sigrid Schmitz, Freiburg
  • Panel discussion with
    – Professor Karin Vosseberg, Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences,
    – Dr.in Ingrid Rügge, Universität Bremen,
    – Patricia Jung, München und
    – Veronika Oechtering, Universität Bremen

From 6 pm onwards, we offer opportunities for informal networking and exchange during dinner together at the restaurant “Falstaff” in Bremen’s Neustadt.

The event is public and open for all genders. Participation is free.

The conference will be held in German, for a whispered translation into English, please contact ifis-summerschools@uni-bremen.de.

The registration for the conference is closed.