22 Aug (Tue) – Bremen hydro-electric power station

The Bremen hydro-electric power station

Small field trip, IF-IS KEX 01

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2023
Time: 4:35 p.m.
Location: Will be announced in the conference office.
Language: If participants who are English-speaking (but not German-speaking) are present, the language will be English in the beginning.
Please think of: proof of identity (ID Card), sturdy shoes and sturdy clothes

The power station Weserkraftwerk Bremen in Bremen-Hastedt was put into operation in 2011. The power station is located underground besides the given (river) Weser weir. It generates up to 42 million kilowatt hours electricity per year. It supplies more than 15.000 households in Bremen with electricity, – thus saving to the atmosphere some 13.000 tons of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2). With its output of up to 10 megawatts (MW) it is the biggest run-of-river power station in Germany, that is dependent on tides.

At the Bremen Weser weir, the water level below the barrage changes regularly by about 4 meters within an average of 6.2 hours due to the tide. The turbine technology is set up for this special condition.

The power plant has an extensive, constantly optimized fish protection concept consisting of several ascent and descent barriers in conjunction with effective protection against passage through the turbines. The functionality has been recorded for many years in a year-round monitoring system.
The Weser did not have to be specially dammed because of the existing weir, existing possibilities were used sensibly.


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