The summer university and the University of Bremen will not provide any accommodation. Housing in student residences is not available for short-term rentals.

Accommodation options in Bremen (as summer 2023):

    • Bed& Breakfast private room rental,, Tel +49(0)4 21) 536 07 71, (starting at 26 Euro per night) — Partner of the Informatica Feminale for over 25 years!
    • Camping site (only about 1 km away from campus!), (starting at about 15 Euro);
    • Youth Hostel Bremen;
    • a&o Hostel Bremen Hauptbahnhof,, starting at 22 Euro
    • Altstadt Hostel Bremen,, starting at 20 Euro
    • Meininger Bremen Hauptbahnhof,, see females (starting at 28 Euro)

More accommodation options on Redirects to Bremen Tourismus’ search engine for hotels and bed&breakfasts in Bremen.

International students who need help, should mail to

Postal address:
University of Bremen
Department 3
P. O. Box 330440
D – 28334 Bremen

Fax +49 (0)421 / 218 – 98-64469