You will be expected by motivated participants, who are:

  • Women students from universities, colleges and other institutions, studying engineering either as major or minor subject
  • Women students from the fields of engineering, sciences, social sciences and the humanities
  • Women experts from practice who want to study further on a high level of qualification as well as
  • (sometimes) Pupils with an interest in studying engineering.

This variety of life experiences and perspectives in particular is what evolves vivid discussions during the courses and is a special quality of the summer university.

We are usually expecting 200 to 250 participants in Bremen with courses of 10 to 12 women. Teachers are able to limit the course size. The teaching in small groups guarantees an intensive working atmosphere. Courses with practical elements should plan with no more than 10 participants.

Based on experience, women participate in the Ingenieurinnen-Sommeruni voluntarily because they are highly motivated by their interest in the given topics or by the experimental possibilities during the courses. Most participants are women students and women experts. Many participants are attending the summer university regularly.

Students are coming from international universities and colleges. This requires a lot of communication before and during the first hours of the course to determine a common basis. Participants, who attend the Ingenieurinnen-Sommeruni for advanced vocational training, often have to take time off from work.

Employed participants are paying a higher participation fee than students.

When preparing a course offer, you should identify the group of participants you want to reach and what previous knowledge they should have. It should be clear whether, for example, only students in a specific phase of their studies are addressed or if a broad variety of participants is desired. Examples from past summer studies can give you an idea.

The submission form for courses contains phrasings of the past years.