Participation Fee

For the 9th international Ingenieurinnen-Sommeruni and the 20th international Informatica Feminale 2017

Students and unemployed are charged a one-time fee of 35 Euro* for the participation in 5 or less blocks of the two summer universities.
For a participation spanning more than 5 course blocks (see courses), a fee of 50 Euro* applies. The fee is due immediately after confirmation of participation.

Those who would like to support the summer universities’ conference office for approximately 4 hours before or during the summer university (e.g. copying, organization at the reception, etc.) are exempted from the participation fee. Please notify us via e-mail, if you wish to help, or note it down as a comment in your registration form.

Women in employment are charged a fee of 35 Euro* per day, which is due immediately after confirmation of participation. Special invoices can be issued on demand, if you or your employer request so.

Only the lectures are free of charge and can be attended without prior registration.

*You do not have to pay sales tax.